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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Baby #2 Update

People who talk to me on a regular basis already know what's going on with baby 2-oh by the way her name is going to be Carlisle Douglas, "Carlisle" - I had a little deja vu with this pregnancy. Just like Sherrod, when I went in for my 35-36 week check-up, my blood pressure was high. Unlike the first time where the doc didn't give me medication and left me hanging, my new doctor in Clarksdale put me on something that has my blood pressure looking great! I went in yesterday for my check up and everything was good. I will be 37 weeks tomorrow. She wants me back Friday and if I've dilated any more (I've been sitting on 1 cm for about 2 weeks) then she is going to send me on over to the hospital to have this baby! If not, then we will make an appointment for next Tuesday to induce! Did I mention that Sherrod is in for a RUDE awakening?!?! Last night he told me "baby Carlisle come out soon" followed by "I don't like baby Carlisle" hmmm....advice???


Another couple of projects we've had to tackle lately were the kids' bedrooms. We moved Sherrod to our guest room and had our neighbor Totten paint for us. I figured since Sherrod was 2 now and had been in a toddler bed where he could get in and out on his own, he was ready for a "big boy" bed. (The toddler bed was one of those that converted from a crib and we did NOT want to have to buy another crib)So for his birthday, his Ri Ri (Russell's mom) helped us out on big boy bedding. We had my dad make him a headboard out of pine cut from our hunting camp. It turned out really cute overall, but the picture does not do it any justice. It was taken with my phone and just to show how the headboard and bedding turned out. And yes, that is a queen size bed for a little bitty boy :)
For the baby room, I got away from pink because those of you who know me-I'm not a pink person! The main colors are red and a light blue. Once again our neighbor painted Sherrod's old room (yeah the one that I worked my butt off on painting stripes on the walls, etc-I only shed a couple of tears but I'm hoping that was just pregnant hormones). So the baby GIRL room is light blue and almost complete. Still just have to hang a couple of things on the walls and we will be ready for this little girl! I did take one picture of the bedding with her name hung on the wall over it.


Wow! Does Sherrod loves his cousins, Drake and Landry!! Just wanted to post some pictures of the 3 of them! Oh and one of him fishing with his Uncle Reid...just thought this one was too cute to not post!

Lots of Catching up to Do!

First, I just want to apologize for how far behind I am! I'm sad to say that I have misplaced my memory card to my camera that has ALL of Sherrod's 2 year old birthday party pictures on it-I'm still looking though! His birthday party was back in June and was so much fun. We had it at Wade, Inc (John Deere store for those of you who are not from around here) and Sherrod loved every minute of it. The boy is obsessed with tractors. His daddy and I gave him the John Deere gator for his present and he has almost mastered driving it now. He knows how to put it in low speed and high speed. The only thing he can't do is reverse it but you have to do to 2 things at once to make it go in reverse. He'll learn soon! Another favorite of Sherrod's lately are hats. He will NOT ride his tractor without a hat on, and it's usually his "green John Deere hat" (as he calls it) or his cowboy hat. Already a "delta boy" I guess you could say-his daddy is so proud! I do have a couple of pictures that I took on my phone-excuse the quality!