Every good and perfect gift comes from above. James 1:17

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Bite

I got a phone call yesterday from the Center to let me know that Sherrod had been bitten and it broke the skin! When I picked him up after work he had these little teeth marks in his arm. They informed me that he had been bitten twice! They said he cried and cried...poor little guy! He knows how to hit, but I hope he doesn't learn this bad biting habit. No wonder guys grow up fighting! They really do have an excuse considering they learn how to do it when they are 1!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Last 2 Months...

Since Sherrod's birthday party, which was 2 months ago, a lot has gone on. More words are beginning to come out of his mouth, he's finally walking and he's obsessed with Mickey Mouse. Speaking of Mickey Mouse...Russell won a trip to Orlando! He and I packed up and drove to Orlando while Sherrod stayed with his grandparents. Sounds terrible, but like he would remember the trip if he did get to go! Russell and I acted like kids, riding EVERY possible ride we could. It was a blast! We'll take Sherrod back in a few years.

So after we got back from vacation, we returned to work and Sherrod moved up to the Toddler room at the Delta State Child Development Center (that's where he goes while we work). In the toddler room, they aren't supposed to have bottles, which Sherrod can't live without! They also sleep on nap mats rather than cribs. I laughed because I was dying to see them try to get him to drink out of a sippy cup and sleep on a nap mat! The first day he only had 1 bottle and they got him to sleep for an hour and a half. I was shocked! Those are some good teachers!!!

Now that we have played "catch up" on the past 14 months of our lives, hopefully I can keep up with this blog thing...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sherrod's First Birthday!

We had Sherrod's birthday party at Ann Marie Smythe's parents' house. We had a pool party...since Sherrod swims like a fish (kidding)! He loves the water though and had a blast! Thanks to the Malouf's for such a great time! I thought he would really tear into his smash cake, but he just dipped his fingers in it one at a time so no mess! Thanks to all of our wonderful family and friends who could come!