Every good and perfect gift comes from above. James 1:17

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Every year we have a dove hunt opening weekend/Labor Day weekend at my family's camp. We celebrated Carlisle's first birthday with mine and Russell's families and also got to meet my new niece, Carson Reid Lester, who was born on the same day as Carlisle! Congrats to them!!! We hunted, played and ate over and over and over...Knock on wood, we've never had an "accident" at the camp until this year. Sherrod was riding on the 4 wheeler and whopped himself in the face-thought we were getting stitches, but luckily it was a smooth cut and they just glued it. He was such a big boy! Other than that bump in the road, GREAT WEEKEND!!!

Happy FIRST Birthday, Carlisle!

Due to families living out of town, we had a "friend" party and a "family" party-spoiled already!!! She really enjoyed both of her cakes she had and definitely made a BIG mess! We are so blessed with this special girl and also our little man!

Eating Habits

For anyone who really knows Carlisle, she LOVES to eat! Anything and everything you'll give her, it's gone! These are just funny to me...

First Day Back to School

Carlisle moved up to the toddler room and Sherrod moved up to the 3 year old room-my babies are getting so big!!


This was as good as we could get with 2 kiddos, but what a special day!