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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Just thought this picture was funny. Sorry for the quality-it was taken with Russell's blackberry. Sherrod was wiped out!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Update on Baby 2

I went to the doctor yesterday for a check up. Unfortunately, that was the day I had to do the glucose test and drink that nasty red stuff. I think I swallowed it in one gulp so I could avoid tasting it several times. I'm waiting to hear back from that, but hopefully all is well. My blood pressure was good (the past 2 appointments it was a little elevated) so I was certainly glad to hear that! The doctor did do an ultrasound because it is too early to listen to the heartbeat with the other little gadget. Everything looked good-got to see some little arms and legs! I'm still feeling a little weak and faint from this little one, but hopefully I'll be over that sooner than later! Any advice on how to entertain a little one when you're this tired ALL the time???

Funny Little Guy

Sherrod has developed quite the personality. He definitely knows what he wants and how to get what he wants. His vocabulary is constantly improving and growing! He still has a love for Mickey Mouse, however he calls him "Mickey Cow." He can say the word mouse by itself but something about Mickey before it makes him say cow-it's so funny! Every night when I ask him if he's ready to go take a bath he responds with "Come on Daddy," which means I don't have to give him a bath!!! However, since I've been pregnant and very very sleepy, he has started saying "Get up Momma!" He will say it over and over and over until I get up. He has a new love for "momma's bed" and wants to go lay in there every night for a little while before he goes to get in his bed. He's such a good snuggler! But when it's time to go to sleep, he will immediately let you know by saying "bed!" We've been working on counting and our ABC's. Sherrod likes the numbers four, five and six...then skips to nine and 10. He does the same thing with the alphabet-he really liked the letter "D" and "H"...strange I know! He is definitely ALL boy-he loves to ride the "bota" (aka Kabota) and also likes to ride on "back roads." He and his daddy go ride down gravel roads and Sherrod likes to sit up on his console pushing all the buttons on the radio/air conditioner and he also like to sit in Russell's lap and steer. It's actually causing major problems because now he thinks he needs to get out of his car seat EVERY time we get in the car to go somewhere! As rough and tough as he seems, he always comes to kiss me goodnight before bedtime...he's the funniest/sweetest little guy ever!

Monday, February 9, 2009

2009 Dixie National Rodeo

A family tradition of ours from as way back as I can remember has always been to go to the rodeo that comes to Jackson every February. I can remember the horses all decked out in glitter and these fabulous costumes and it was love at first site! I was very excited to take Sherrod to his first Dixie National Rodeo. (Note-we got a babysitter last year because he was just too small) The 3 of us went with my parents and my brother and his crew. The kids were wild! Sherrod was constantly saying "moo cow" and "horseeeeee." He had a blast! We chased him all over the coliseum. During the half time entertainment with the Oak Ridge Boys, the kids were able to go down on the dirt and run around playing. This definitely helped release some energy! Drake, Landry and Sherrod rotated laps to sit in, sharing goldfish, pickles and cotton candy. Sherrod's new found favorite treat is cotton candy. He inhaled it. We actually had to buy 2 things of it. I just knew all the sugar would have him wired, but as soon as we hit the road to come back to Cleveland, he was out like a light! I'm already excited about next year...yee haw!

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my!!!

Saturday was Sherrod's first trip to the zoo. He loved it! Russell, Sherrod, and I along with my brother and his 2 little ones packed up the car with strollers and coolers. The weather was perfect...finally! We strolled through the whole park and looked at all of the animals. Sherrod seemed to like the monkeys the most because they were the only ones awake and moving around. All of the other animals were snoozing. I wonder how in the world they sleep through screaming kids and parents screaming AT their kids! Unfortunately, the children's zoo was shut down for renovations, but the elephant trunk slide was open. By the time we made it through the park, everyone was exhausted so we skipped the train ride. We do have plans to go back once they re-open the children's zoo!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Newest Addition

On Christmas Day we found out Sherrod is going to be a big brother!!! After a couple of visits with the doctor we decided to share the news. I am due September 10th. We're both nervous/excited but wonder what on earth we're going to do with 2! When I was pregnant with Sherrod, I felt great the whole time. Baby 2, however, is giving mommy dearest a run for her money! (Makes me wonder if it's a girl!!!) We go back to the doctor on February 10th for our next check-up. Please keep us in your prayers!

Spaghetti Supper and Chips N Dip with Daddy

One night we had Candace and Hudson over for some spaghetti. Sherrod and Hudson sat at the kids' table together and pretended like they were eating, but really made a mess! Russell joined them so there was a guys' table and girls' table. The babies seemed to eat a little bit better with an adult sitting with them! Notice they are both shirtless considering red spaghetti sauce would have ruined their clothes!

Sherrod and Russell chowed down on some Ruffles and French onion dip. Sherrod got up on the coffee table to sit, while Russell sat on the floor. Sherrod would match Russell chip for chip and drink for drink. They were so funny and the dip was everywhere!