Every good and perfect gift comes from above. James 1:17

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Spaghetti O's

Sherrod loves to eat Spaghetti O's. We're not sure if he really likes the taste, or just likes playing in them. Anytime he eats them, we strip him down to just his diaper, then it's straight to the bathtub! After his bath, we have to clean the spaghetti o's out of the tub. Yuck!

If you look closely in the last picture, you'll notice the spaghetti o sauce smeared all over his belly...that's why we strip him down! He is really practicing using forks and spoons and refuses to eat unless he has one or the other in his hand. Do you really see the need???

Wow! Time flies!!!

If you look over on the right side of our blog, you'll see Sherrod's announcement picture. We took that picture when he was about 4 weeks old. 14 months later we decided to take another picture of him in the same piece of Mccarty.

If Sherrod slightly moved, the whole thing would turn over. He is now 26 pounds and we can't believe it!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Please don't call social services!!!

Every Friday I work until 6, so Russell and Sherrod have some good father-son time. They go see friends, get some food, occasionally stroll and play inside. So yesterday I get home from work and the conversation goes something like this:

Allison: "Hey! What have ya'll been doing?"
Russell: "You've got to see this!" (As he is handing me the camera)
Allison: "Oh my gosh!!!" (As I'm going thru the pictures he had taken)
"Why is Sherrod in the dog kennel?"
Russell: "Well, I walked into the other room for a minute and when I came back
he was in there. I had to take a picture of it."

I did laugh about it. Sherrod loves to open and close the dog's kennel door, but usually from the outside... NOT the inside!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sherrod's Favorite Things

Now that Sherrod is almost 15 months (Wow! Time flies), he has learned to tell you what he likes/dislikes and he is very clear about it!

Food & Drink: Milk, milk, and more milk...Cheese or anything cheesy, Spaghetti O's, Teddy Grahams, Chips, Lasagna, and anything else you can imagine that is unhealthy. If you try to give him fruits and vegetables, they will all be on the floor...or in the dog's mouth! He loves to feed the dog his leftovers or anything he doesn't like!

Toys: Four wheeler-this one is a new found love! He doesn't know how to hold the button down to go so he just pushes it every now and then and almost throws himself off. He also likes his other riding toys, except he doesn't ride them. He just gets on then off and on and off...

Chores: Sherrod loves to do laundry! He opens and closes the dryer door the whole time I'm doing laundry. What a great little helper!

Words: "Down" is the newest, but everything is "down." Whether he is already on the floor or if I'm holding him, he says "down." So, I'm not sure if he really knows what it means. He also likes saying the words outside (pronounced outsiiiiiiiide), car, tractor, Seika (the dog's name), night night, bye bye (with a big Miss America wave), bite, Daddy (sounds like Daddeeeeeee), bath, boo (which he says Boooooooooo in a deep voice) and a whole bunch of other babble that we can't quite figure out. We're trying to work on manners. He did repeat me the other day when I said "thank you."

OUR favorite thing Sherrod does: We say, "Sherrod are you ready to get in your bed?"
Sherrod walks back to his bedroom and grabs on to the posts on his crib! He actually wants to get in his bed and go "night night!" He also walks to the bathtub when you ask him if he's ready for a bath. Sweet little boy!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend/Dove Hunt 2008

Friday night we went to my family's hunting camp in Canton. We had a HUGE crowd, including 8 children under the age of 5!!! All 8 kids stayed under the same roof one night. They played on riding toys, driving in circles around the cabin like maniacs! Sherrod just climbed on and off of different toys over and over again.

After lots of play time Saturday, some of the kids decided it was time to go for a swim in the lake. They all just stripped to their undies/diapers and jumped right in. Sherrod loves the water, but he didn't take too well to the lake water. He just wanted to ride in the "jet ski." They were all exhausted!!!

This was Sherrod's second dove hunt, but his first to really attend! He stumbled around in the field, rode on the kubota and played with shotgun shells in the dirt the whole time. I apologize ahead of time if I get carried away with the pictures!