Every good and perfect gift comes from above. James 1:17

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Saturday, I had decided Sherrod was getting stir crazy and needed to get out for a little bit. We went to the park with Hudson, one of Sherrod's school friends, and his momma, Candace. It was so windy that we didn't stay long. We came back to our house and they played and played! They both wanted to ride the little 4-wheeler, so we put them both on there together and Candace pushed. (The battery had not been charged-whoops!)They had the best time. Hudson even let Sherrod push him in the stroller!

Tonight our neighbors, Tiffany and her little girl Kaitlyn (or "Cake" as Sherrod calls her), came over for dinner. Sherrod loves Cake. In the afternoons when we get home he will walk over to their house before they get home and knock on the door. When nobody answers, he turns around and sits on their doorstep. It's the saddest/sweetest thing! While the food was cooking tonight, Cake held Sherrod in her lap and read to him-so cute!

The Past Week...oh and Happy New Year!

This past week I had to work. However, Delta State was closed so Russell played the role of "stay at home dad." We had been running up and down the roads visiting family and doing Christmas stuff, so needless to say the Christmas presents/Santa presents were not unpacked and put away. Sherrod decided he was going to unpack his toys while his daddy watched. I got a text message from Russell one afternoon that read something like this..."I think he has every xmas present he got in the floor." Take a look!

Playing with his new work bench-too funny to not post!

Russell and Sherrod attempting to do sparklers but they were too "hot hot...it's hot!" according to my little man!